Lash Lift topping the leader board in The Diamante Rooms

Hello Fellow Diamantes!!!!!


Hope you are all very well, we are getting lots of enquiries from holiday goers on alternatives to lash extensions...

A great maintenance free service to enhance, define and lift your natural lashes is the solution you could be looking for....

Flirties Lash Lift with Colour Boost

What is this service you may ask

Your own upper lashes are lifted and secured to a template on your upper eyelid, once they are set into position they are tinted to add further definition.

The service itself is very pleasant and relaxing it takes approx 30-40 mins so is handy for a lunch break appointment, during the process you will be relaxing with your eyes closed in our luxury beauty room.  

After 24 hours you can go about your daily routine as usual without the worry of loosing any lashes so its so easy to remove heavy make up etc.

The service is maintenance free and lasts up to 6 weeks.

Patch testing is necessary for the service

Call 01912602607 to book

  June 14, 2016, 2:40 pm


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